Enlightening of Poems


Trying so hard is my common weakness.

Why it takes so much effort that it causes me to sink low to the hole.

Pain and anguish is the way my life is struggling so much effort to keep myself awake in this time of day.


~Ron Zilla


You’re the moonlight to my cold heart.

Just a beat away from the warmth of my soul.

Here and there my life is stuck in this path of sorrows.

I see a glimpse of a ray of hope with the guidance of a smile.

Waving around like a fool I am.


~ Ron Zilla

My feeling

i feel my life is slowly passing away
depleting energy that is flown throughout my body is subsequently disappearing
reasons to live for is just a empty stare
trying so hard and hard nothing good comes
life is just slowly tearing me apart along with the time dwindling
my soul and body with the mind of emotions is turning to stone without any regret along caring for other people feeling
see my happy face and smiles are just there but underneath it all is i don’t care with no emotions to response
i see tears coming down my eyes but there is no meaning to them no sadness no fear nothing that describe the action but just blank emotions of not caring

Heart Beat

Can you feel the breeze

the chill upon your skin

eyes grow wider with each tear

motion suddenly slows

veins starts to show

blood vessels burst

lights camera action

wooahh with just a sight of you


if pain was a game
it would be easy to win with all these twist and turns in our lives
shallow water filled the crazy world where time is mere existencefun turn to extreme violence crazied with dangerous phases fingers pointed, souls blamed momentum toture endlessly crying, heart pounded echoing through empty abyss

valentine day or nott

what is love when you can have all the affectionate of the food 🙂
it listens, it calms you, makes you happy, need it to survive. what can a person ask for moreeee

Food > Love

Mixture of textures on a portrait reveals human creativity beyond and limitless by one ideas of the slowly formation of shapes and object



~Rong Wang